Matthew Lindfield Seager

Matthew Lindfield Seager

The Amazing State of Technology in 2019

Book a private car 24x7 with no notice. Track it in real time. Shows up within a minute of scheduled time.

Public buses and trains run night and day. You can track them in real time. They show up within a minute or two of the scheduled time (or a replacement comes soon after).

Book an ISP technician for a suitable day (weeks in advance and only during work hours). ISP actually schedules it several days later (without asking, even though you aren’t available). You organise someone else to be on site for a 5 hour(!!!) window (can’t track technician in real time) but technician never shows (and you don’t even get an explanation until the next day). ISP reschedules for “earliest possible appointment”… a week and a half later (almost 4 weeks after original request, not on a suitable day and they didn’t even provide a window, this time someone needs to be on standby all day).

To make it worse, this is for a business (i.e. costs extra), stock standard DSL connection (no bleeding edge technologies to figure out), from the second biggest ISP in the country!