Matthew Lindfield Seager

About is where I muse on things I am interested in. My full name is Matthew Lindfield Seager but matt17r is much easier to type. Credit to Andreeson Horowitz (a.k.a. a16z) - or whoever they borrowed it from - for the name shortening idea. No credit to whoever registered the m20r Twitter handle and never really used it! ;)

I am a Christian…

I am a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. The Bible is wholly inspired by God and therefore trustworthy. I am saved only by faith in God, not by anything I have done or can do. Faith is a gift from God that I did not and do not deserve. That gift is free to me but cost God dearly.

a father…

I have been married to my beautiful and amazingly supportive wife Melissa since 2004 and we have two wonderful kids who sometimes tolerate my dad jokes. I love being a husband and father even though I’ve still got a lot to learn on both fronts.

a runner…

Ideally I’d do all my running chasing a ball on a football (soccer) field with 21 other people but these days I mostly just run in a straight(ish) line. Most Saturday mornings you’ll find me running or volunteering at Parkrun (5km) but on the First Saturday of each month I race 10km with the Sydney Striders.

and a geek.

I used to try and deny my geekiness but now I’ve come to accept it.
I grew up with and love the Mac where I noodled around in HyperCard, FileMaker Pro and REALBasic.
When the web came along I explored HTML, CSS, PHP (LAMP/MAMP stack) and Python (including Zope), even building a couple of commercial websites in the early ‘00s.
At Uni I completed assignments in Java, C++ and Objective-C (with Cocoa).
For a long time my coding was limited to scripts and hobbies but for the past few years I’ve been paid to build web apps and RESTful APIs in Ruby on Rails.
I have an excellent eye for software design (how it works, not just how it looks) and I am keen to use my strengths in human-computer interaction to build better software.

I have so much more to learn and I hope to be able to share some of that journey through this blog.