Matthew Lindfield Seager

Matthew Lindfield Seager

Apple Arcade

We’ve been enjoying Apple Arcade! It’s so nice to let the kids try new games without having to warn them about manipulative game mechanics and exploitative in-app purchases (IAP) or worry about them seeing mildly inappropriate in-game ads!

My favourites so far are Mini Motorways and WHAT THE GOLF?.

Naomi has been enjoying Spek.. This morning I was surprised to hear her, unprompted, say “Augmented Reality is fun!”

Ben’s favourite so far is Kings League II. He has always enjoyed games with constant levelling up that are never too difficult.

We’ve never been big into games (I’ve only owned three game systems in my whole life: a Sega Master System II, a second hand Sega Game Gear and, more recently, a Nintendo Wii) but I am mildly tempted to buy a game controller or two for Christmas to play some of the more involved games with the kids.

Which leads me to my only “complaint” with Apple Arcade… so far I haven’t found any games that dont require somewhat constant attention. When I’m on the train I tend to prefer slower paced games where the game waits for me to take my next turn. I’m keen to see whether Apple Arcade fosters (directly or indirectly) more quality, casual games like in the “good old days” of the App Store.