Matthew Lindfield Seager

Matthew Lindfield Seager

A Tale of Two MacBooks

My 2016 MacBook Pro had keyboard problems within about 6 months.

My 2019 MacBook Air (less than 5 months old) is having keyboard problems.

My MBP was owned by work and came with an on-site (edu) warranty.

My MBA is owned by me and has a back to base warranty.

I kept using my MBP right up until the tech arrived… and I had it back in less than an hour!

My MBA will be out of action for a predicted 5-7 business days.

My livelihood as a salaried employee was completely independent of my MBP. If it failed, I would still have been paid (AND I could have immediately borrowed another Mac from work).

My livelihood as a self-employed contractor is highly dependent on my MBA. To be without it for over a week is hugely inconvenient and potentially very costly.

Despite (or perhaps because of) my MBP experience, I used to think the tech uproar about Apple’s keyboard problems was overblown. After all, “it’s only affecting a small percentage of users” and Apple (Unisys) fixed mine almost instantly.

Now that I’m experiencing it on my almost new MBA with a third generation butterfly keyboard, and facing more than a week without THE crucial part of my toolkit, I’m feeling a lot less forgiving.

It’s just a shame my 2010 MacBook Pro can’t run a modern operating system! Other than dreadful battery life and a spongey trackpad its hardware is still going strong! (Including the keyboard, despite spending six months in the dust and grime of Afghanistan, a literal war zone)