Matthew Lindfield Seager

A minor disruption

Day 20 of #mbsept

A line of orange road barriers used to set aside a construction area that is normally available for parking

Starting with the edge.

Day 19 of #mbsept

A jigsaw puzzle in the early stages of being solved, with all the edge pieces in but little else

Woollen moquette fabric on my Waratah commuter train.

Day 18 of #mbsept

Fabric train seat cover in a mottled design mixing 4 shades of blue and some yellow, partially in shadow, partially in bright sun.

Intense Sunday afternoon run. Pace was slow but my heart rate was right up there!

Day 17 of #mbsept

Action photo of my Apple Watch during a run showing a heart rate of 174bpm

Oof! Sun is beating down! 33°C (91°F) is pretty unpleasant weather for spectating the netball grand finals! Even more unpleasant for the players though!

Day 16 of #mbsept

A cloudless blue sky with the hot sun framed through a netball ring.

Red: A red book I have not yet read

Day 15 of #mbsept

A red book (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) on my desk with two strips of sunlight either side of it

Statue of King Gilgamesh. Donated to The University of Sydney by the Assyrian community on the university’s 150th anniversary (or sesquicentennial if you speak Fancy).

Day 14 of #mbsept

Metal statue on a concrete base. Statue is of a muscular, human-sized god/man dressed like a warrior king, grasping a lion in a headlock under his left arm

Glowing heater and screen, watching the Keynote live at 3am on a cool spring morning.

Day 13 of #mbsept

A dark room illuminated only by the glow of an electric heater and a television showing Tim Cook presenting Apple’s September event.

Panic! Or not… I don’t actually drink coffee 🤷‍♂️

Day 12 of #mbsept

Photo of a closed shop front with glass walls (in front of a closed roller shutter) with a large “COFFEE” sign above the entrance

Retrospect. In retrospect I should have taken a photo of a historical display in the library at work but I’m pleased with the look of this photo.

Day 11 of #mbsept

Looking back at the sunset in the side mirror of my mum’s sporty little Mini

[Water] cycle… thin bands of cloud (or is that smog?) over Middle Harbour, Sydney.

Day 10 of #mbsept

Photo of Middle Harbour, Sydney taken from Edward’s Beach facing towards the gap between Middle Head (on the right) and North Head. Blue skies over the harbour with thin strips of dirty-grey clouds.

[Sign] language…

Day 9 of #mbsept

Shadow of a hand signing “I love you”, cast on a brick wall above a floral arrangement.

Yonder… some Aussie bush, just across the road (for now, suburban development is coming)

Day 8 of #mbsept

An early morning photo of a semi-rural Australian backyard with some native trees, a bunch of weeds and two dilapidated, overgrown sheds

Panorama of another beautiful spring day in Sydney

Day 7 of #mbsept

Panoramic photo of King St Newtown in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Well, this is a healthy (well) [stair]well (mainly because I couldn’t safely take a photo of the lift well)

Day 6 of #mbsept

Looking down a flight of stairs with anti-slip grip strips, all within a concrete fire escape stairwell

Forest (sort of) at night

Day 5 of #mbsept

Eucalyptus trees at night with some other weeds and plant life around them

Orange (although it’s often still referred to as The Purple Door for historical reasons)

Day 4 of #mbsept

A double wooden door and door frame painted bright orange, with a mail slot at the very bottom of the left door

Finished listening to Echo Lake by Joan Sauers 📚🎧

Precious… a fitting prompt for (Aussie?) Father’s Day today. Kids weren’t interested in being photographed so I took a photo of my wedding ring and Melissa’s engagement and eternity rings

Day 3 of #mbsept

Black and white photo of two intertwined hands with rings on the ring fingers

Buildup… A very literal response to today’s prompt but I quite like the striking blue of the sky

Day 2 of #mbsept

A crane extending out over a multi-storey construction in front of a vivid, clear blue sky

Abstract… not concrete…

Day 1 #mbsept

Patchy area of grass at night, fading into darkness in the background

[Mostly] finished reading The Big Con by Mariana Mazzucato and Rosie Collington 📚

Not exactly a page turner but helpful to reflect on the role of consultants and how to make sure they’re providing a long term benefit to an organisation

The excitement (and nervousness) are building for my first ever conference talk!…

More holiday reading down the coast: Deadly Cross by James Patterson 📚

Finished reading: 23rd Midnight by Maxine Paetro and James Patterson 📚

Underwhelming story and writing, never really felt immersed or invested 🤷‍♂️