Matthew Lindfield Seager

Thank you to the Ruby Central team for organising the COVID-19 version of RailsConf… RailsConf 2020.2 - Couch Edition (

I plan to do short write-ups of each talk I watch to help cement what I learn.

I’ve used Zoom, Cisco WebEx, MS Teams, Slack and GoToMeeting for video calls or meetings of late. The Zoom experience was superior EVERY time.

But installing backdoors on Macs last year and exfiltrating iOS user data to Facebook this year makes me question Zoom’s company culture

I hoped to reinvent myself through this lockdown period… like maybe the change of routine and circumstance would be a catalyst for rapid change.

Cue: disappointment.

I often hope for a dramatic change, even though I know small, consistent, compounding changes are required.

Today I learned you can show hidden files and folders in the macOS finder with the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-period (⌘ ⇧ .)

And researching it more, apparently this key combo got expanded to the Finder in Mojave, it has always worked in open/save dialog boxes 🤯

Today I learned you can use git to compare files, even if they aren’t in a repo!

git diff --no-index file1.txt file2.txt